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            Uninstall app code

            We are sorry to know that you want to uninstall our app. If there is something we can do differently for you to be happier with the app please send us an email at support@webso.ca

            If you still want to uninstall the app you need to remove two things from your theme:
            1. remove the code ( {% include 'rectify-app' %} ) you added to your cart file in our example it was on the cart-template.liquid inside the Sections folder:

            2.  remove the snippets the app added to your theme. Do a search for "rectify" in the search box then click on rectify-app.liquid file and delete the file. Do the same for rectify-app_2.liquid and rectifyStyles.css file.

            If you installed the code in multiple themes you will need to remove it from each theme

            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 02:51 PM
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