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            Install required code

            In order for the Rectify app to work properly you need to add a line on code into your cart page.


            Because all themes are different we can't design the app to automatically add the EDIT button in your cart.

            The code

            1. {% include 'rectify-app' %}


            Please go in your Shopify admin click on Online Store then the Action button of your current them and click on Code :

            Find the cart.liquid file in the Templates folder and open it. If you see only few lines of code and something like {% section 'cart-template' %} then you need to open Sections folder and locate the file that it gets called like cart-template.liquid and open it :

            Do a search for 'Remove' or 'Delete' (mac: command + f, pc: ctrl + f), after the closing </a> add this code: {% include 'rectify-app' %} then save the file :

            After adding the code it should look similar to this :

            Make sure the theme where you installed the code is your publish theme, if it is not please publish then test it.

            Test your code

            If you installed the code correctly you will notice two things:
            1. the instructions popup will not show anymore (if it shows it means the code is not installed properly)
            2. the edit button will show in your cart page:

            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 02:49 PM
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